Sunday, May 01, 2011

Usa Not Usama

Oh sure, we've all heard the news by now that Bin Laden has been killed. I became aware when hearing "USA! USA!" being chantshouted at the Phillies/Mets game tonight. You've got to love sports broadcasters like Bobby Valentine:
"It has been confirmed that Usama Bin Laden has been killed...Willie Harris steps into the batter's box for the Mets..."
So how do you feel about this? Bin Laden, not Harris. Whenever the Mets play I pretend that they are the Yankees and root for their opponents.
Bin Laden. He has been more of a idea figment for the last decade than a viable adversary.
Remember-I (we) didn't make him our enemy.  We're all about the Love, man. Islam made him hate. We became the focus of that hate, and when his side attacked our side, we retaliated. If not for Islamic terrorism, ours would be a much quieter, happier world.
Anger gives birth to many children-there will be retaliatory attacks. I expect that we will see red paint spattered photo posters of Bin Laden carried through streets in rallys from Egypt to Afghanistan to Detroit.
Huh. Top of the fourteenth right now.
Remember a while ago when some pastor in Florida or somewhere publicly burned the Koran? Some innocents in another country on another continent were killed in "response" to the 'outrage'?
I thought that the Pastor was wrong, not because the Koran is sacred, but because it was unnecessary-the Koran means nothing. It's just words on paper, and if they didn't have the Koran, Islamists would get angry about something else. Men wearing hats at the dinner table. Women flirting by showing a toenail. Whatever.
Mets take the lead, now the Phillies have to come back.  They've just got to!
Bin Laden is like the Koran-he means nothing. Just as the Buddhists trot David Lynch out to raise funds for prayer houses, Islam used the celebrity of Bin Laden to raise hate. Remember what he was famous for? That's right, class-Hating.
It's okay that he's gone. Islam has many more to take his place.
Rally caps. Mayberry is the last chance for the Phillies...aaaaannnnddddd over.


Doug said...

I was grateful that the Baseball announcers warned us that President Obama would be speaking about the death of Bin Laden on the other channels. I stayed right on ESPN, assuming that Obama would say the stuff that is always said on these occasions.
I was also sure that the word "Islam" would not be mentioned.
Was I right?

Doug said...

One of the funniest punts I read was on a thread where someone wrote:

"Hey Obama! Trunp wants to see the death certificate!"

And I was wrong about President Obama not mentioning Islam-he said that we aren't at war with Islam.
Beg to differ, boss. When we fought the German people in WWII it wasn't because they were Germans. It was a fight with their ideology of Nazism.
Hitler and the Nazis were convinced that they had the right to take over the world. We stoppped them.
This is no different, except Islam is more entrenched in the hearts and minds of the people trapped in it than the Nazis could ever accomplish.
Here's a thought for you today-if Mohammed had lived in 'civilization' rather than the outskirts of nowhere, his crazy idea Islam would have been snuffed out quickly. But hate can grow anywhere there are people.

James said...

Well, so much for Obama being "soft on terrorism", though, eh?

I think partying and rejoicing is an inappropriate expression of patriotism right now, but it's a VERY good thing that OBL is no longer alive to kill and destroy civilians. He was a figurehead to the radical Islamic fundamentalists, and his destruction may hopefully put a damper on their notion that their "cause" is backed by Allah.

Doug said...

"Well, so much for Obama being "soft on terrorism", though, eh?"
If you say so, James. Again-I can argue facts, but no one can argue opinions and win an argument.
That would be like you saying your favorite color is blue and I argue that it is red.
You've seen the picture from the war room with President Obama and his staff staring intently off camera, right?
My opinion is that it was staged just like all of his other 'impromptu' photos. The image is the message, and the message is a lie if the image is staged.
I'm guessing they made Hillary take off the "Clinton 2012" button for the official photo. The hand covering her mouth? Genius.

James said...

Are you saying you don't believe Osama's dead? And Hillary said she had allergies that made her cough. Why are you blaming her for what the press chooses to release?

After all, the press makes things look the way they like, as you well know, especially when they provide no context for it.

Lucia said...

Doug, have you ever met a Muslim?

Doug said...

Just noticed Lu's question. Yes I have, Lu. More than a few-I've lived in big cities and small towns. Google Powersite, Missouri to see the small. I've met Muslims, Hindi and even a few (gasp) Catholics!
If you think that I might be some sort of out-of-touch-with-reality-Christian who cast stones from behind stained glass haven't been reading this blog well enough.
So I've lived/worked with Muslims.
Does that mean anything?
They are just people. I don't need to visit Iran to find people who disagree with my beliefs.
Bye the bye, look for a new post soon where I zing (lovingly!) a group of wrong-headed Christians.