Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can't You Be Happy For Five Minutes?

Actually, yes, I can. And so can you, friend.
I see entire cultures and civilizationzoinks working very hard at trying to be happy, amused, thrilled to be alive.
If it comes that hard, maybe happy isn't for you. I've known peoples who only felt 'right' when they were miserable.
I used to cook midnights at this restaurant. This old couple probably in their 70's came in every night and arguefought through their nightly meal. Top of their lungs. Recriminations and accusations with coffee and pancakes. They were lovin' it.
It really isn't that hard to be happy:
Be content with what you have. Even non-Christians and pagans can follow that Scriptural admonition.
I would never want to get rich in this world-too much temptation to think better of myself than I do.
With that said, enough is plenty enough, but we must all eat and we prefer to sleep under roofs, bathe in hot water, etc. So we work. Whatever God wants me to do, I do.
God has blessed me with plenty. I am content. The picture I took many summers ago, but each time I see it I am reminded of that beautiful day. That makes me happier than if I had my weight's worth of gold sitting in the bank.
May God so Bless you that you forget to be unhappy.


Doug said...

Long time readers have seen that flower before. I love it.

Lucia said...

I remember it well, and it's gorgeous.

Many years ago a coworker asked me how I could be happy in my little house with the tiny back yard (she was in the process of moving from a small apartment to a much bigger house at the time). I said I'd learned to be content with what I have. I don't remember her exact reply, but it boiled down to, "that's a talent, not a skill" -- she didn't feel it was learnable, or at any rate that she could learn it. I do believe I was born able to be happy. It's a great gift.

All day the sun has been shining in a cloudless blue sky, I've done lots of laundry, and that's a great gift too.

We can argue some other time about where these gifts all come from. Today let's agree that they're free, they're beautiful, and I'm happy.