Friday, April 22, 2011

Tree Hugger Holiday

I was going to use a picture of an Ironwood tree growing on our property, but those pics are part of the great unscanned collection.
Hug away, tree lovers. Nothing wrong with Earth Day, if you remember that all of Creation is the work of God's hand. We merely populate what He has made. We don't 'own' the earth anymore than we own stardust (excepting Hoagy, of course.)
Look up into that ole buttermilk sky and see clouds and stars; look down at your feet to where you're walking. It's all God's stuff; if you look in a mirror, what do you see? More of God's stuff.
Much of it is beautiful. I love God's slightly marred creation in which we now live-Heaven will be Perfect!
Cherish what He has Blessed you with. He even made the eyes you use to read these words. Mighty cool.

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