Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More Wag...Less Bark

I love it. I love seeing a car window sticker with such thoughts as: "More Wag...Less Bark". Simply elegant.
The pup driving the cah is from Meg Frost's site Cute Overload which I've noted here before. If you need some smiles, go check it out.
I'm feeling good right now-left work early as I have an appointment in the morn. Eating a pastrami on foccacia sandwich which is all good. I used to make sourdough foccacia by the sheetpans back in my baking days. Good stuff.
Some days just feel better than others. I could list the troubles global and personal that have cumbered us with cares...but naw. May God Bless you today. Wag wag wag.

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Nice post. Thank You.