Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beer Summit 2011

There. All of you who just can't enough of Ann, here she is diplomatically trying to save Libya from American aggression...or whatever. P. Obama is offering a lager not to the liking of Malomar the insignificant.
Ann has a new book out June 7th. She's been moderately quiet lately-I assume she will be making the rounds promoting the as yet un-named book.
P. Obama has been an embarrassment since the day he took the oath of office. He will probably be defeated for re-election but whatever happens, happens. We survived Carter; we can survive Carter II.
Who will step up on the Republican side? It's wide open right now-I think that whoever get the brass ring on this go-around will have many Liberals thankful that we still have a secret they can vote against Obama.
You see, when it comes right down to the nit/grit...nobody wants to pay more taxes than they have to. No one wants the Government to order their lives. Live Free Or Die is ingrained into us. So the slogan of 2012 may just be: "Yes we can! Change our minds!"
See you on the other side, Rhodes.


Doug said...

Remember, June 7th for Ann's new book. I wouldn't kindle, but I might iTunes it.

James said...

So would you vote for a Mormon if he ran?

By the way:he stock market has done very well in the last 3 years, unemployment has dropped, the government has actually made money on TARP. In addition, we haven't needlessly involved ourselves in military exploits around the world and sacrifice the lives of our soldiers.

I don't agree with everything that Obama has done, but an "embarrassment"? How so?

Doug said...

first things first, James:
"would you vote for a Mormon if he ran?"
Would I practice religious bigotry, refusing to vote for a cultist?
No. I assume you might mean Romney-if his politics agrees with mine, if we agree on most issues-yes, I would vote for a Mormon.
As for your rose-colored respeak of P. Obama's 'acomplishments'-I wouldn't waste my time trying to refute your opinion.
Life's too short, James. It's a beautiful day here, and I'm drinking some good coffee. 30