Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deaf By 23 Oh I'm Sorry Were You Leaving?

Sometimes fun is where you find it. I listen to my iPod for fun and to help make the moments pass delightfully while working. I treasure the gift of hearing. God has Blessed us all with so many fine gifts-it would be a shame to not thank Him.
Hopefully, by God's Grace I will continue to be able to listen and hear for many years to come.
Here, in this little literary nibble is a mild 'ra'-barely half a rant. Things I gotta say:
Hey! Life is precious! Drinking, smoking-they are bad for you! (As if you didn't know.)
We each have a limited number of days to live-God keeps the count-but you make choices. Choose to invite cancer into your body and you will have a worse time of it. Choose to drink alcohol and watch all your aspirations go down the drain. 
Fun is where you find it. But if you 'fun' actually is debilitating and harmful, what kind of fun is that?
I have fun exercising. It feels good now and pays dividends later in life. 
I have 'fun' reading God's Word. It is medicine for my soul, and food for my mind. It is one of the 'healthiest' things that I do, paying dividends for eternity as I learn more about God.
Fun doesn't have to involve harming your body with drugs. You do realize that you are merely tampering with your emotions, right? Drugs/smoking make you FEEL. Emotions? You will jeopardize your health over emotions? Wha?
It's been said too many times, but by now you're probably not reading this anymore, so:
Emotions are the seasonings which make life more palatable. But letting your emotions rule you-making decisions based on how you feel rather than what is real...crazytrouble.
Who needs crazytrouble?

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Doug said...

Obviously many people relish crazytrouble. They smoke and hate it, want to quit but 'can't' so they get depressed and drink to feel better. Eventually they run out of money. Then they vote for Obama again so that they can have a subsidized life. (I just threw that in)
I'd love to stay and write more, but it's time to hit the gym.