Monday, August 13, 2012

Going Down The List...

"Yes, is this Bill?"
"How ya doing, Barack?"
"Just fine, Bill...I was wondering if Hillary might have a few moments for her President."
Bill laughs. "Barack, let me take a shot in the dark're thinking of dumping Biden, and you 
want Hillary to be your Palin, to get back some of the sizzle that...went away. Am I right?"
"Bill, I would never lie to you, and I know that you will keep this quiet...we've been polling like mad, and we NEED Hillary, or it won't even be Carter-we'd be approaching a Mondale slaughter!
We need Hillary to even make it close. Is she there?"
Bill laughs again.
"She's right here, buddy-Joe and Jill came by for lunch, and I put you on speakerphone as soon as I heard your voice."
Chorus: "Hi Barack!"
"Hey Brad-it's Barack. Um...Angie wouldn't happen to be nearby, is she?


Doug said...

Of course, months ago I did a post where Biden dumped Obama from the ticket, so there you go.
I just checked the official Obama re-election web thingie and Biden is still there...for now. He could bow out gracefully at any time due to a medical emergency,the need to spend more time with his family, or whatever is printed on the index card they hand him. Weevils, perhaps.
Of course, true humor doesn't need to be explained, but what I put out isn't usually humorous, so...
the idea that Obama would turn to Angelina Jolie for the Veep slot makes me chuckle, because he would assume that she is still popular.
Her last 'hit' was like 10 years ago, and she's been coasting on her celebrity notoriety since then.
I'm not a fan-I was thinking that the Tomb Raider thing was the last movie of hers that I'd seen-but I did watch (and post about) the horrid "Mr and Mrs Smith."
As for the post-I'm guessing that there is a LOT of second-guessing going on in the Dem party, and I think Hillary would love to see Obama defeated, even if it means Romney would win.
She was once THAT getting the nod, and the Sec/State bone that was tossed to her didn't have any meat on it.

Doug said...

I'm not PSYCHIC, but it looks like Biden might be replaced by HilClinton.
Would that change the election? I don't think so-it may bring in some of the Hillary voters, but a lot of Democrats are hurting in this bad economy, which President Obama plans to make worse if Obamacare is fully implemented.
If Biden were a Republican he would have been hounded out of office long ago-and rightfully so.
Again-nothing official yet, and I'm just guessing, but I think it might be Obama/Clinton by the time the Convention in September.
This is known politically as 'changing dead horses in mid-stream'.