Monday, August 06, 2012


This will be short and sweet. 
The Truth needs no straw men to defend it.
The Truth can stand against all fiery darts.
The Truth can answer all questions and win all debates.
Lies (and the lying liars who tell them) can not stand impartial scrutiny.
Lies hide behind strawmen.
Lies cannot answer questions or win debates.
Here's the thing-if a politician cannot defend his policies, if they cannot 
stand up to impartial scrutiny, if he or she must use strawman arguments
to support those policies...that is wrong.
If a politician uses the power of their office to stifle dissent,
or dodge questions, or keep opposing viewpoints from being heard...
that is wrong.
If a politician or a political group ignores/suppresses/takes away the rights of their opposition...
that opposition will grow. 
If I were a blogger in Putin's Russia, I could be jailed for this post, just as those dissenters pictured 
above have been imprisoned...for speaking out against Putin.
If I were living under Sharia law, the religious/political overlords could decide how I cut my hair.
If, in this country, the ruling class succeeds in efforts to 'silence' dissent through control of technology...I would be no better off than if I lived in Russia or Iran.
During the President Bush era, we would see signs stating that "Dissent is Patriotic".
You wouldn't see such signs in President Obama's utopian America...for very long.

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Doug said...

a few notes-when even porn stars and oscar winners agree to vote "ABO", that is a good sign that we haven't yet reached the edge of the cliff.

If President Obama and his policies could stand up to criticism, he wouldn't be dodging questions and using strawman arguments to defend what he has done.

President Obama doesn't have the market cornered (HAH!) on abuses of power to quell dissent-the practice is as old as man...but that doesn't make it right.
Hugo Chavez doesn't listen to his opposition.
Raul Castro is also deaf to his opposition.
Kim Jong whatever in North Korea,
Ahmadinejad,the chinless wonder in Syria, Harry Reid, Barry Soetero...