Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shark Week? No-Shark Strong!

well. That is refreshing. Now we know the that it will be "Romney/Ryan" in November and possibly "Romney/Ryan" for the next four to eight years.
To Mitt: "WELL DONE, SIR!"
To Paul Ryan-"Glad to see you got the gig-get to work!"

Already the haters are gearing up for the 'Hate Ryan Express'-someone I know fired the first shot by saying that Ryan was actually the mastermind (!) behind the 'Scott Walker war on unions', so he hates Ryan.

A little history lesson, folks. Once upon a time there was a politician who hated government waste of resources, and, as a member of Congress, became a watchdog/attckdog going after government agencies  wasting taxdollars (aka:OUR money). He became so well known as a popular fiscal Conservative that he, like Paul Ryan, was a wise and smart choice for the Veep slot on FDR's 1944 re-election ticket.
Harry S. (The buck stops here) Truman would be proud of Paul Ryan. So shall we all.


Doug said...

sorry for the pun in the post title-someone on reddit posted about shark week, and my innate sense of ridiculous took over.
I keep an eye on reddit to see the political and religious rhetoric go into hyperbolic overdrive. And they have neat pictures of cats.

James said...

Evangelicals are lining up behind Mormon/Catholic candidates.

Things have changed ... once upon a time, these two would have been declared members of the "Whore of Babylon" and a cult from the bowels of Hell.

Doug said...

Hi James-according to Dave hunt, the actual 'Whore of Babylon' is the Catholic church-he sets out chapter after chapter of conjectural evidence in his book, "A Woman Rides The Beast".
James, I might be a bit older than you-one of the first lasting images that I ever saw on TV was Kennedy's funeral-coverage went on for days.
The conventional wisdom before Kennedy was that 'no Catholic' could ever win the Presidency.
This independent Baptist will happily vote for Romney/Ryan. The last two Baptists to get in were Carter and Clinton-not our finest hours.
I definitely disagree with the theology of both Romney and Ryan, but we're voting for a President, which is as secular a job as can be found.
"Evangelicals are lining up behind Mormon/Catholic candidates."

Be honest, James-if President Obama declared himself a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a'd still vote for him. And that's fine-I love that we have the freedom to vote for whomever for whatever. In too many countries ruled by the likes of Bashir Assad or Hugo Chavez, the people have no voice. Look at how they are being killed in Syria right now! The Assads and Chavezeseses of this world will stand before God one day and hear how HE votes.