Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Cats Are Importune Artists

Again, these aren't my cats; these above are internet cats and could live anywhere from Bahrain to Luxembourg. The colorings are right; these could be the 'stunt doubles' for the cats inhabiting my habitation.
Importune Artists, or "Importunists"-when I come in the door after work they gather and try to convince me that they are starving, that somehow they have been transported to the edge of failing hunger, and
I point to the food in their dish, and they say (in cat pantomimes or, closer to this subject: 'cat charades')
"Not THAT food! It's boring! We need something else!"
Bless their little importunistic hearts. It isn't the food that they want, really-they want confirmation that I am going to take care of them-a half a handful of 'other' kibble and they are happy cat campers.
There's a parallel at work here, which I state because I think I'm often too obtuse:
We Christians are often guilty of the same nervous importuning behavior-we seek blessings from God as reassurance that He still loves us, is still willing to provide for our needs-a little bit of kibble and we're happy.
Anyone can cry out to God in a crisis; true Faith keeps us trusting in His Providence even when things are going great.


Doug said...
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Doug said...

Comment deleted as I needed to edit the comment, and it was easier to just rewrite it than play with the html.

In short, variations on, "Don't worry-God will take care of you." are found throughout the Bible as He knows that we are nervous creatures who need confirmation and 'kibble' often.

Leighlie Ashton said...

What a great comparison, Janeane... Do you have real cats, anyway? They're just the one of the greatest and sweetest creations of Him. :)

Doug said...

Confusion abounds-that pic of Janeane Garafalo on my front page links somewhere neat.
My name is Doug, and I do indeed have two cats who share the coloring as the two in the picture.
Have a good day.