Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn-Matic 2012

My street has some nice Maple trees, but these are from the Internets.Every year at this time we have people complaining about it getting colder and windier. WHINERS!
This is a great time of year-no need for air conditioning, and yet the furnace isn't kicking in too often.
The air has a crispness, a freshness, that is wonderful to breathe in and out.
I don't need to cut my grass again this year, and am (hopefully) a ways away from pressing the button on my snowblower (electric start-buy it and love it).
I know, I know-I'm too happy for Autumn. I should grumble and complain like most of the world. But it's beautiful. Praise God for every day that you are alive in His Creation. 


Doug said...

I don't know about where you live, but around this burb the gas prices have fallen a little bit. I'll take any morsel of good news.
{sigh} politics is still on going-tomorrow night I will be gloriously
working during the Veep debate. I'll catch the news later, but I can tell you now how it will shake out-Biden will do better than expected, and Ryan will do just fine. No big caster-taffys; both sides will be playing it safe.
It's basically a useless event-no one will ever change their vote because of what Veep candidates say in a debate.

Lucia said...

My dad remarks slightly testily every year that if you choose to live in New England you have no right to complain about normal seasonal weather, whose arrival is entirely predictable. I fear I do anyway sometimes, but I won't debate autumn's beauty with you; in fact I will point you at a few of my own attempts at capturing it.

I just watched the whole VP debate, having tuned out during the live broadcast. I would say you're an excellent prognosticator, at least in this case.

Doug said...

When I was living in Vegas I remember another expat from Winter remarking, "You don't shovel Sunshine!"
Which is true; weather is one of the best things that Las Vegas has to offer. That and excellent food-Palace Station had an Italian restaurant that was exceptional.
Rio had a HUGE 'global' buffet-different foods from all over the world-I lived closer to the Rio, so
I went there more often.