Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Haunted (_____________)

T'is almost the season of the witch (ghost/zombie/vamp/dem) to rise out of the darker part of our consciousness and do the dance of "Look at me!" for a few short until the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Christmas fandango starts up.
Halloween for every tween and chocolate for everybody! Hard to get mad at a festival of 'horror' that includes chocolate. If they can sell chocolate crosses at "Easter" (and they do), then there can't be any harm in biting the head off of a chocolate vampire (start at the neck).
I will be working during the neighborhood candy shakedown, but I have a friend who will be bringing her girls around our workplace, so I have already bought candy (safe in my truck in the garage so that I don't eat it all).

There's a (suspicious) uptick in ghost reports/strange occurrences at this time of year..hmmm...I wonder-how much of our GDP is dependent on horror sales in October? Am I cynical to think that retailers cashing in on a seasonal 'holiday' are behind the surge in spooky just to make a buck?
Doesn't matter. "Horror" and "Halloween" tap in to the fearwonder we share-what happens when we die? Will I be me?
As a Christian, I have had such questions answered long ago, and I have no doubts as to what happens.
But those who fear death cling to superstition and fables, and are the target audience for the retailers of spooky.
Here's the thing. There are things that go bump in the night that we do not understand. If there were no actual haunts and 'spooks', the superstitions would have died out years ago. 
They are real, and I could tell you stories (new ones, not the ones I've shared in years past) of things that I've seen and heard, but they wouldn't be real... to you.
I just watched an episode of "Destination Truth" tonight-Josh Gates and his merry crew went down to the Philippines to look for ghosts. They came back with no trophy strapped to the hood of their jeep. Again.
(BTW-I am still  TV programming-free for now-but I love internetting the shows, and my double wide monitor is almost like a TV screen.)
Enjoy your trick/treat chocolate zipadeedodah. There aren't zombies in the Bible, but...

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Doug said...

there sure are zombies shambling through our societal scrim.
I haven't seen "The Walking Dead" but somehow my life is fulfilled anyway.
The Stormageddon coming is scarier than any sparkly vampire. I haven't seen any of the "Twilight" series either, but, to my shame, I know that their vampires sparkle.
As Jim Harold often says, "Stay Spooky".