Monday, October 29, 2012

May God Have Mercy

Big doin's on the right third of the map. I know that this stuff happens from time to time, but this is
BIG, and my prayers are with those affected by this monster storm.
I read of a 13 foot surge of water through lower Manhattan. Incalculable damage.
Storms can be fierce-once upon a few decades ago when I was in the Coast Guard, my ship ran into
three different storms going through the English Channel. Rough, rough weather.
A capstan-if you don't know what it is, just imagine a big heavy metal drum bolted to the deck of a ship which is used to turn/hold lines (big ropes).
After those storms we found that one of our capstans had its top sheared off by the force of the storm.
I can't imagine what is happening to the East Coast. May God keep safe those souls in the storm.


Doug said...

As is my habit, just a bit more in the comment sect.
Believe it or not, I used to be kind of dumb.
One time in Vegas, we had a big windstorm, 60 mph winds knocking stuff over. And I went out in it, just to experience the wind.
I opened my front door to see red hot coals flying around-my upstairs neighbor had had a hibatchi going on the deck of the stairs-I was the maintenance manager for the apartment complex at that time, so I chewed him out for being stupid...after I went out and walked around in the 60 mph winds.
That was nothing compared to what the East Coast is being hit with now, but in a small way I can appreciate the damage that can happen from storms, tsunamis, earthquakes (I had one of them in Vegas also), whatever.

Lucia said...

We came through the storm with no damage, never losing power or even cable. One tree some distance from our house may need to come down (or come the rest of the way down).

A lot of people around here are still without power, but NY and NJ got hit a lot worse than this area. We'll probably send the Red Cross some money.

Doug said...

Glad that you are all right, Lu-this was a big storm, and the rebuilding
from the damage will take years.
One small positive-the rebuilding efforts will help strengthen the economy.