Thursday, November 01, 2012

Only Days Left!!! Or Four Years More

I hope that it is only days left for the Obama regime.
He and his administration have done much harm to the country and the world.
Harming our country by doing all he could to destroy the economy, stirring up class warfare in the name of 'social justice', but really it's all envy and greed (Tax the Rich! Your life is better when others are punished!).
(We the Government will give you everything you need! Vote for me!).
As his wife has taken a part in the re-election efforts, and is political herself, I don't believe she is protected by the "Leave the wife and kids alone" unwritten law:
I won't miss Michelle haranguing America about what to eat. If she happened to weigh ten more pounds, I doubt that we would have ever heard a peep about proper diet.
All presidential wives have 'their' issue which they promote, which comes with the territory. Ready for some new cause to be promoted by a new First Lady.
{Steven Wright: In school my teacher told us that the President is married to the First Lady. All I think of was: I wonder if she saw any dinosaurs?}


Doug said...

As I have stated before-God put President Obama into office for His own purposes, and if God wants for him to remain in office, it will happen.
I can see that happening, as God often would punish the people of Israel when they turned away from Him by giving them a bad king who would so damage the country that the people would be humbled and would once more seek their God.
Whether you think that is right or just doesn't matter. God will do what God will do.
So I can see Obama being re-elected.
I remember how wrong I was four years ago when I declared that in no way would the people put such a neophyte in charge. They didn't-God did, and now I hope that God will put Romney in the Oval office.
We shall see.
By the way-don't get mental fatigue trying to figure out how God can make people do things or not do things if they have free will. They do and still, He makes everything happen.
Because He is God.

Lucia said...

A standard answer is that God doesn't make people do things, he sees them do things (in His unbounded Now, as C.S. Lewis put it), and harmonizes all of those actions into His own grand design.

Through Obama's direct agency the auto industry has come back from the brink to be profitable and create good American jobs; this week I read that Chrysler is adding over 1000 jobs at its Jeep plant in Toledo. On his watch the stock market, housing starts, employment, and manufacturing have all risen; Osama bin Laden is dead; fair-credit laws have been strengthened (not enough, if you ask me, but one cannot have everything). If Obama were a Republican you'd be shouting his accomplishments from the housetops.

On the other side we have Mitt Romney, a man who governed as a pro-choice moderate and implemented a universal health-care system that became the model for Obamacare. He stashes his money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying US taxes, has had more positions on abortion (among other issues) than I own pairs of shoes, and shows sneering contempt for anyone who has ever been unemployed and for seniors who, having failed to amass a fortune by firing people, rely on Social Security benefits that are too small incur federal income tax. If he were a Democrat you'd be incredulous that the party could have nominated such a reptilian bozo.

Doug said...

Lu, soon you will be calling that reptilian bozo Mr. President.
Ideal candidates for any party are impossible-I have gone for Romney because he represents the only alternative to President Obama gaining four more years to perfect the utopia you seem to believe in.
I say 'seem' as I doubt that you really think that President Obama has done a great job-I think that you will vote your party line even when Joe Biden stumbles his way to a nomination. I will continue to vote for the party which, at least in theory, espouses the conservative values I agree with.
If the 'Tea Party' actually supplants the GOP someday, I will gleefully leave the "R" behind.
Bye the way, i had a political sign stolen from my yard last night, which is the weakest form of political expression possible.
Doesn't matter-only four more days and all such signs will expire.
Vote your heart, Lu, and again, I'm glad that you and yours weren't as affected by the storm as those to your south. It's getting ugly down there-Derek Jeter used one of his crutches to beat a teenager senseless who tried to cut in front of him at a gas station. Kidding...?

Lucia said...

Certainly Obama could have done a better job; he's governed as a center-left pragmatist who's tried too hard to make common cause with far-right ideologues whose idea of bipartisanship is "do it our way or else." On health care, he abandoned the public option in favor of a plan based on the individual mandate, which was promulgated by the Heritage Foundation and implemented at the state level by some New England moderate whose name I can't recall. But, like you, I'll take what I can get.

By the way, it's far too late to make a difference, but a story published in a Dutch newspaper today (translation here details how Romney exploited international treaties to avoid $100 million in US taxes. There's no suggestion that any of his tax shenanigans are illegal, but, again, if he were a Democrat you'd be screaming blue murder.

And I don't understand how you reconcile conservative principles like depriving poor children of health care to give zillionaires yet another tax break with "blessed are the poor." Maybe you want to make sure they stay as blessed as possible?

The polls say you're wrong. I hope so.

Doug said...

Lu, to celebrate the end of the election (YAY!) I make an offer to you in the spirit of good cheer:
my friend Lauri takes great pleasure in cancelling out my vote each election-but I'm sure she's willing to share, so you go ahead and cancel out my vote too.
Also in the spirit of cheer I decline to take up the points in your last comment-it's over, Lu, and I have no idea which one will win. The polls are suspiciously close all across the board.
Anyway, I hope everyone votes.
I will be celebrating election day by working some more overtime at work. It's rarely available, so I am taking advantage of the opportunity.
It's the American way!
wait! One more thing in the spirit of good fellowship-I will attempt to sound like a Democrat:
"SEIU later!"

Lucia said...

OK, you made me laugh, and with a long day of canvassing and sign-holding ahead of me, I thank you for that. Happy voting!