Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm The BEST Humbled Person In The World!

Just kidding about the 'bestest humbled title'-I wouldn't even make the state regionals.
I found the charming picture above by googling "Be it ever so humble..."
So why humble? Bear with me for a few lines, friends.
The picture above is romanticized, a mythical  portrait of an ideal family. Not one kid is texting-how real is that?
The recent re-election of President Barack Obama took many, including me, by surprise; I was kinda sure the other guy was going to get in.
So I've been thinking about stuff, praying some, talking little, meditating on our situation as a nation, a world.
I think that I and many others thought that God was going to show Mercy, make things better, allow the rebuilding of our national and global economies. Not quite.
I can't help but see that things are going to get worse as God readies this world for Judgement. He seems to be lining up all the nations against Israel, as detailed throughout the Bible.
America is just about the only friend Israel has left; if our country turns its back on Israel...wow.
There has been plenty of talk about "The End Times", as in: 'the end of the world as we know it'.
I am patiently waiting for the return of Christ, of His ruling the world from His city, Jerusalem. It will be the end of corrupt political governments, the end of human rule. We will all be humbled, from sea to shining to other sea.
But before the humbling, before Christ returns, we must endure prideful fools holding power around the planet. President Obama isn't the only 'world leader' who rejects Christ.
All will be humbled, and finally there will be true Peace on Earth. Amen.


Doug said...

You know, allegedly President Obama is a Christian, though he has rejected Christian doctrines which all true Christians adhere to: Christ is the only way to Salvation, for example. A true Christian has no problem rejecting false religions.
If President Obama were a true Christian, a true believer in Jesus Christ...Liberals wouldn't vote for him. I guess that should be proof enough that even they know that he isn't a Christian.
Of course, Romney isn't a Christian, either, so there you go.
I don't waste time pining for a
stable, happy world such as depicted in that romanticized picture on the post. I accept the world as it is-beautiful scenery, but layered above that is a corrupt and evil cosmos of man's weak attempts to 'rule'.
I am here now to live and work and glorify God; that is wonderful and yet humbling, as I know what a stinker I am. God deserves better.

Doug said...

I'm tired-I should have noted that Israel is under attack right now, and is responding to those attacks.
Read Psalm 2, Zechariah, Revelation, Daniel. Whoa nelly.