Monday, November 12, 2012

You Might Not Know It, But

Yesterday was Veterans Day. My church had a nice program, and those of us who have served were applauded; those who have a family member who has served stood up also.
Speaking of family members, the young gent pictured above, looking all serious as a member of the Army Air Corps in 1921 was my grandfather. If not for him, you would be reading someone else's blog right now.
Nobody loves Peace more than warriors. I see stupid bumper stickers declaring that a car, if not its driver, is "Already against the next war" or "war = socialism for the rich" or "GOD HATES PREDATOR DRONES".
Precocious sanctimony may be your shield against reality, Sunshine, but if an enemy who wants to kill you and yours is coming at you with a weapon drawn, flashing a peace sign at him won't cut it. Telling him that you would rather die than fight will make him happy.
Our military defends us. They get paid to get in between us and the bad guys and make the bad guys stop.
Go ahead and think well of yourself if you are anti-War. I am too. But I haven't yet seen Peace achieved without War.
The best example of this is in our future, when Christ returns and makes Peace wiping out the nations. See Psalm 2 for details, and most of the book of Revelation. Peace out.

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Doug said...

Bumper sticker I saw today:
"Love and Kindness are MY religion".
Of course that stickered car only travels the moral high road. of course.
The sticker on my truck(apologies if I've already mentioned it) reads:
"I love my country but fear my government."
It was put on the truck by a Liberal during the Bush era. I told him that I am keeping the sticker (though he took the union sticker off the truck when I bought it).
What sanctimony do YOU have affixed to your bumper?