Saturday, November 10, 2012

Super Duper Hero Saturday

The picture shown above has been my desktop for the past month or so-quiet peace and beauty. I decided to take the day off from my life and finally watch a few movies that I've had for awhile-"Ironman 2"
and Marvel's "Avengers", which I watched on my bigger screen with the surround sound set up. I saw "Avengers" in the Imax 3d when it came out, and it gets the blood pumping pretty good.
One thing I noticed in the end credits of both movies-hundreds of workers earn a living making the spectacle
POP on the screen. Our entertainment is putting food on the table for many families. That's cool.

The big stars make millions, and but many working actors make do with a lot less. Two cases in point are shown above, both from the Avengers movie. I had to look in the credits to see who the younger woman is; Ashley Johnson-I remembered her a a little girl on sitcoms in the '90s.
Jenny Agutter  was the opposite-I saw her in the credits and had to find her part in the movie-she's changed a bit since "Walkabout" and "An American Werewolf In London".
Agutter probably has had the fuller career, but here are two actors who have spent decades working, who will never make a million dollars a picture, will probably not announce winners at the Oscars, let alone be nominated.
My workplace doesn't employ even as many people as worked craft services for the movies listed above, but it has been the steady paycheck for many people for over a decade, and I thank God for my work. I see it as the conduit for God's Blessings. 15 years ago my company didn't even exist, and the services we provide were unthought of. My generation didn't grow up hoping to sit at a computer for 8 hours a day, but the world has changed, and we are changing, too.
Whatever work you have to do, may you prosper in the coming year. Unless you're a telemarketer preying on the elderly-I have permission to hate you.

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Doug said...

I don't usually end a post on a hateful note, but someone I know has been targeted recently, and this nice old lady was TERRORIZED by some scum on the phone.
But there are always more Blessings than curses in this world-and the hateful don't take up much of my mental day.
Have a good wknd, and may God Bless you more than you deserve.