Friday, November 09, 2012

Sweet No Sour

A few points about the election:
The next day my friend Lauri asked me, "Are you in mourning?"
I pointed to the wall clock and said, "Nah-it's the afternoon."
S'allright. I will continue, living for God in the midst of a corrupt, evil world. I would have
done the same under the auspices of a Romney administration.
I am Thankful to God for all that I have been blessed with. My real treasure is in Heaven, high above and beyond the grasp of any IRS agent.
I assume that things are going to get worse for our world until our Lord returns and sets this world right.
Also S'allright. Can't do anything about stuff, so why should I worry about stuff I can't do anything about?
Hard times have one benefit-people turn to God when they realize that there is no help for them on earth.
God used harsh circumstance to get my attention and to get me to stop trusting in my own selfish self...and I was saved by God. He did that for me, and He may do that for you. 
As I've been 100% wrong about the last two Presidential elections, allow me to make a prognostication about the next two years:
EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink is going to be thrown against the House Republicans to attempt to wrest the House away from their grasp. Sauron will want his Orcs to wipe out all opposition to his rule.

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Doug said...

These are interesting times.
I have attempted to 'brighten' up FDW by changing the layout-like?
I am grateful that so far, this Winter is mild-continued prayers and help for the East Coasters who have been savaged by the storm-it won't get any easier once there's a few feet of snow covering rubble.