Thursday, November 08, 2012

Just God Is

Yesterday it was proven to me again that God is in control, and that His Grace and Mercy are in full effect
in this world, even if most of the world is blind to both.
God is Just.
God is Merciful.
God extends Grace to undeserving souls such as myself not because He is obligated, or is forced in some way to DO it-Love for His Creation caused Him to set a plan in place to redeem it once it had been sullied by sin. Love for His creations: us. Us. Saved by Grace. I can't figure it out.

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Doug said...

When I speak of 'yesterday' in the post, it had nothing to do with the election-it was family stuff.
Now that I think about it, one teency little part did have to do with the election. After I heard the result something odd happened.
I got happy. I have peace. I didn't get angry or curse or cry or wonder why-I went to sleep, and now it's time to do that again.
May God Grant you the Faith necessary to seek Him.