Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Thoughts Wednesday Or So

WELL! One more hurdle vaulted-we will soon be at the END OF ELECTION YEAR YAP YAP!!!
The debate (lowercase) was mulled at our Wednesday morn breakfast, and we (we being us) agreed that it was more energetic than the last one, but that no-one's mind will be changed because of the debate.
This morning I saw all kinds of "Romney/Ryan", NRA, Conservative bumperstickers...on a Pontiac Vibe.
I don't recall ever yet seeing a Chevy Volt out in the wild...the automotive 'bigfoot'?
I have a new computer which is sitting next to me right now; through circumstance I received a nice little cash bundle, and I bought a MacBook Air. It is lovely; I have much to study to get back up on the Apple horse-my last 'Mac' was the old pizzabox which barely qualified as a computer. Now THIS is a computer!
I am hoping that the New Yank Yorkees go down in humiliating defeat to the Tigers.
Imagine having a triple crown winner (Miguel Cabrera) a probable Cy Young winner (Verlander) AND quite possibly a World championship in one amazing season! Too bad it's happening in an empty town.

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Doug said...

Listening to Rush Limbaugh at this moment-once the election is over I will probably return to blissful silence.
but for now-reactions to the debate or the race?
Is it close? Is there a clear winner in your mind yet?
Few more weeks....hanging on.