Monday, December 24, 2012

A Better Christmas

Recently I mentioned something good that I would ask permission to share here:

At work the other night I was taking a break, talking with a coworker when Jerry came in and sat with us.
I’ve known Jerry for years-one of the many hats he wears is a Santa hat-he has been THE Santa in our town for a long time-parties, school classes, nursing homes-Jerry is Santa for all of us.
Here’s what he told us that night:
“We (he has a lady friend who is Mrs. Claus) were just at the nursing home and this lady, I got this lady, 104 years old, to sit on my lap.
I said, Mabel, if you sit on my lap I’ll sing you a song. And she did, and it was so sweet.
Now this lady had been my Sunday school teacher for ten years over at the Gospel Tab, and I sang her a song that she had taught me.
By the time I finished, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and mine.
She said, “That song brings back so many memories!”
Santa got as good a gift as he gave tonight.

May God Bless you and your family this Christmas and into the New year.

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Doug said...

Jerry is in his early 70's, but he looks younger, as he keeps in shape.
'Santa Claus' came through our workplace a couple of weeks ago, handing out candy. Later, as she was leaving I asked one of my co-workers
if she had known that Santa was real.
"If I'd known, I would have been good."
Me too.