Saturday, December 01, 2012

My Precocious

well. That was a good start-I just finished the first half of "The Fellowship Of The Ring"-each of the movies is split over two Bluray discs so that the digi information isn't too squeezed-all the colors and sounds and images are as they should be. I think I can only take in one disc per sitting, so it may take awhile to trudge all the way through to Mordor.
Funny-the Norse mythologies, with Elves and Dwarves and Man (oh my!) set J.R.R. Tolkien on his adventure of writing one classic, and here in 2012 one of the biggest movies of the Summer had both Thor, the god of thunder and his trixter brother Loki kicking around Manhattan.
With "The Hobbit" just over our horizon, we will be back in Middle Earth for awhile-if you have Blu capabilities and a decent screen, I encourage you to pick up the LOTR hobb...habit. Habit.

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Doug said...

One delicious bit so far in the first half:
Hugo Weaving giving a clinic on "OVERACTING". He is as subtle as a mallet.
Martin Freeman should be pretty good as Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit"-I first saw him in the Brit (better) version of "The Office"-I had a British friend who clued me in to the show back before it was translated to American TV.
Now he's Dr. Watson to Sherlock.
The guy gets around-he's even been a Hitchhiker around the Galaxy.
(do you have your towel?)