Friday, December 14, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Puritan Christmas

An off-hand remark by my Pastor the other day has been digging its way into my consciousness-he mentioned that the Puritans did not celebrate Christmas, thought it to be rife with paganism. If they could only see NOW how right they were!
The Puritans were Christian men and women who had sought freedom from the religious persecution they experienced in the hands of Catholics and other pagans who seemed quite happy to stretch a martyr or two on the rack before heading up for their Christmas dinner...Football not having been invented yet.
So it is no surprise that the Puritans kinda sorta didn't want Christmas in their neck o' the woods. Of course, following the Puritans over to the Knew World were some Catholics who dedicated THEIR area to Mary and set about celebrating Christmas as we know it today-loud, crass, and clueless.
So I'm sitting at work the other night listening to Christmas music on my iPod, thinking about what to do for Christmas. I have no tree, I already put up the one (1) decoration which is my bow to custom...Pizza!
I've invited a few friends over for pizza and a movie or two. I just picked up the "From Russia With Love" Blu-ray the other day-maybe we'll Bond.

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Doug said...

I almost subtitled this post:
"And Paul Krassner is not god".
If you don't recall the name, I can't blame you-he is a 1960's yapper and hate monger who never actually was relevant. Perusing the finest used bookstore in the world (Goodwill), I came across a recent book of his which is quite amusing. Not what he's written; the funny part is how ridiculous his ideas are. It's like reading the rantings of a drug addled fool wh...anyway, I'm reading his book, which I keep next to an Ann Coulter book. Somehow that makes sense.
The Christmas music on my iPod?
The album I was listening to the other night was "Christmas with a capital 'C'" by a group called Go Fish. Very tight harmonies, good singing. Joe Bob says check them out.