Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Made A Big Mistake

This most recent tragedy,  the school shooting in Connecticut, is horrifying. So many young lives, innocents killed...there aren't words. Usually there is a measure of Grace-the gun will jam, the killer will be stopped before many are killed-not this time. The coward took himself out at the last, so there is some grace, some justice in that.
What do we do with such tragedy? We are too well practiced now in living with terrible events-we go about our days, remembering that Connecticut happened but, if our lives are not personally touched this time, we keep moving-we do what we do.
I'm a movie guy, amongst many other hats I wear. Tonight I finally watched "The Dark Knight Rises" and, in the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting, I couldn't get into it-there is a lot of gunfire, death and destruction in the film. It just felt wrong to watch such fake drama so soon after true drama has happened, but I thought it might be cathartic, as I knew that in a movie such as this, the good guys win (eventually).
And it just occurred to me that this is the film which was playing in that movie theater in Colorado. sigh
We do what we do. 


Doug said...

Last night I couldn't sleep and watched another comic book movie-"X2" the second Xmen movie which I hadn't seen in so long that it seemed like an all new movie to me. I had seen it in the movie theater with my brother, who was much more into comics than I was. He's been gone for quite awhile now; our family has gotten smaller.
Where sin abounds, Grace does all the more abound-may God's Grace and Mercy comfort those in Connecticut and elsewhere who have been touched by this tragedy.

Lucia said...

It is heartbreaking. All those parents who carefully bought and wrapped gifts for their kids... ineffably sad. An online knitting group I belong to is making stuffed animals for the kids of Newtown who lost siblings, friends, playmates, or who just learned in the cruelest way that there's no safe place on earth.

Fourteen years ago my son spent Christmas in a rehab hospital. It was pretty dreary. So today my husband and I will take a pile of gifts there for the kids to open. Some will find new homes with kids who are released, and some will stay, for, alas, new patients come all the time.

All we can do is try to brighten the world just a bit, as the light begins to return once more. It's not always easy.

Doug said...

Hello Lu-I think that what you and your group are doing is wonderful.
I don't share a lot about my life here at FDW or anywhere online, but both my parents passed away in 2010, my mother on December 7th; I understand about a 'dreary' Christmas.
I wish I could share something that
I was told tonight by a friend, but as it is a private story, let me just say that my world got a little brighter. I'll ask my friend if I can share it.
May you enjoy a fine, merry Christmas, Lu.

Lucia said...

I offer you belated condolences on your parents' passing.

And I thank you belatedly for your Christmas wish. I did -- twice, actually. We had a lovely celebration at home with my family from up north, and then flew to Ohio for a second one with my husband's sister and her family. By prior agreement all gifts were modest; I got handwarmers, footwarmers, and beautiful handmade hair sticks. (My hair is quite long, and I've been known to secure it with a crochet hook.) And I finished a blanket for my recently married stepniece and her new husband in the nick, so to speak, of time.