Saturday, July 20, 2013

Breathing Fresh Air

Ah, Summer-the lovely time of year when peoples stop complaining about how cold it is and
get down to the serious business of complaining about the heat. I just had the honor of cutting my lawn
and am now hiding from the sunburn.
I love living in a small town. This is also rummage sale season, and I do my part to move cherished somethings from other garages into mine. Eventually I'll have a sale and continue the process.
I can go to most any sale and ask, "Has Val been here yet?" and get affirmative. I have friends who are such avid rummagers that their three car garage is set up as a 'store'. I picked up a crochet quilt and a lawn chair from them a few weeks back.
Breath fresh air. Enjoy the day. Don't complain too much. 

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Doug said...

The picture is of a friend enjoying a nice Summer day.