Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maker's Mark, Window Cats and ‘Meretricious Living’

Once more, NOT my cats, but an example of 'window cats'. Really, just google image 'window cats'
and see for yourself how plentiful they are.
I had dinner tonight in a bar restaurant in front of a bottle of "Maker's Mark" whisky. It reminded me
that we are made in God's image, our Maker has put His Mark on us, even though sin has marred our existence.
Sin is temporary and will burn away. God and His Mark are forever.
Part of our Maker's Mark is evident through our morality-we know right from wrong, even when we do wrong. Especially when we do wrong. God instilled in us His morality, and our cosmos, this corrupt world lives by that morality even when full populations of peoples reject God.
We mostly all TRY to be good. That is design.
Cats don't have any morality, being made not in God's image, but in the fashion that He designed. They know how to find the warm sunny spots, but are totally lacking a sense of humor. That's design,too.
In church tonight we studied "Pride vs Humility" and I was reminded of an exchange online the other day where this alleged pontificator attempted to impress us with his language- he even worked "‘meretricious" into his dismissal of someone else's point.
Fool's gold, blarney. I hide my education through language, and I haven't failed yet.
Live for real, don't act or sound big online if you're really a shrimp. Any Capuchin Monkey can be King Kong online...but no one is fooled for long.
Keepin' it real since the Eisenhower Administration. See you on the other side?

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Doug said...

I might not update FDW as often as I'd like, but I'm still here, usually tired.
when I said, "See you on the other side?" I of course meant Heaven-I would LOVE to see Heaven full of people! I've said it before-I wish hell were empty except for satan and his lost angels.
But I can't wish anyone into Heaven, but still...I'd love to see you there.