Saturday, July 20, 2013


44 years ago, I'm just a child, my family heading to visit friends in another town. Like most of the world, we listened to the report 'live' as Neil Armstrong made that famous step. I was looking up at the Moon through the rear window of the car as history happened.
History='Ourstory' as "Men" walked on the Moon. Not Americans. Not Caucasians. Not Democrats or Republicans. Men. We. Mankind accomplished the goal set by President Kennedy but dreamed of since man first looked up into the sky.
It was a great moment, it was spectacular...and now, to my shame, I needed to be reminded that it happened 44 years ago today. I'm watching Baseball when a graphic pops up on the screen, along with a note about Hank Aaron hitting number 755 on July 20th a few years later.
So, late to the party (will there be a party?), I celebrate this day in Ourstory when 44 years ago WE walked on the Moon. As a long time baseball fan, I lift my coffee cup in salute to Hank also.
Remember the Good.


Doug said...

Right now I'm working two jobs, and today is my day off from both. Luckily I got a nap this afternoon, what with the added strain of writing {2} FDW posts in one day!
Actually it's no strain at all-I like getting on my little interwebs soapbox and yammering, even if no one reads this stuff.
Enjoy the day.

James said...

You know, there's a conspiracy theory regarding the moon landing. Supposedly, Stanley Kubrick filmed it on a Warner Bros stage somewhere:

I've long found The Shining a perplexing film. Dry and cold, its images and mood are nevertheless burned in your memory long after the film ends.