Monday, July 08, 2013

You're God Doesn't Exist

Not a misspelling.
Our God exists Greater than our Existence.
You are not God.
You do not run the world.
You can't save yourselves from hell.
Liars who tell you that you are superior to God
Are on their way to hell themselves and want company.
God on your terms is a fiction.
Don't be doomed by a fiction.
Seek the True God while He may be found.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Christianity isn't some social group like the Knights of Columbus or the Rotary.
We are the survivors of Creation, saved into Eternity by God Who loves.
You may reject Christianity and think you are doing a good thing.
But you are wrong.
I'm not suggesting that you join Christianity.
Seek God and be saved. Then you will realize that we didn't choose to be Christians. We were chosen.
We are grateful, we are loved...but God does all the saving. I hope to meet you in Heaven someday.