Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Caught Between The Rock Of Ages And A Heartless Place

So, here it is. Back when things were rotten, times were tough and people adapted to survive.
We had what we called "The Great Depression" in my parent's lifetimes. It was bad. BAD. No or little work,
crops dying for lack of water, a dustbowl full of dust.
My grandfather moved to the west coast to find a job...for three or four years. When he came back with a friend, my aunt didn't know which one was her daddy.
 My Dad, just a kid, did some spearfishing without license to keep the family fed. The game wardens developed a peculiar blindness. We survived.
I am in no way precognitive, but I think that the policies of the Federal government are going to bankrupt the country and toss us into a financial dustbowl. By design.
But an amazing thing happens when times get tough-people disillusioned by Man's inability to solve any of the problems that Man creates look elsewhere, upwards, and seek God. And He Delivers. Bigtime.
For a short while I have been working about 70 hours a week between two jobs. I feel blessed by God for all that He has provided, including the stamina to work work work.
I began the year by being let go from the job that I had for over a decade. I've done a few things since January, and now I am back at that same job, for now.
But if I lost everything in this world, I would not sweat it or regret a thing. I'm eternal and this world is transitory. God Bless you as you move through it.

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Doug said...

Last week, Marilyn, this week Misty Rowe and Dick Gautier...I guess I've gone hollywood. Note the lowercase 'h'.
Joking aside, it seems to be true that people don't turn to God as often during good times. If things are great, if our belies are full, God isn't even thought of.
God tore up my life to bring me to the point where I gave up on trusting in myself...and I have been grateful for those bad times for over 35 years. Those troubles led to the best thing that could ever happen to someone, to be saved by God.
May God do the same for you.