Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lying Racist Liberal Hypocrites

Beautiful day where you live? Really?
Just a few notes today about the uncharming Lying Racist Liberal Hypocrites. This post has
been kicking around in my head for a while, and it finally made bail.
First, the Lying. Liberals lie to everyone, most especially themselves, as it is the only way that
they can make it through this world which doesn't operate on their principles. They live and have their existence in the funhouse mirror of the real world.
They say that they are the good guys, the ones who Love and affirm Life...while they go about
their daily bidness of hating (rich people, Christians, Conservatives) and protecting the Death Dealers
(Abortionists). See, they only affirm Life for those fortunate enough to have made it out of the womb alive.
Racist. How can a Liberal be racist? Only by what they do and what they say. They proclaim themselves
the protectors of minorities.
Putting people into groups, identifying groups of peoples by color or ethnicity is... Racist!
Promoting the fiction that such groups need spokesmen, need Protecting from some other 'evil group' is Racist.
Hypocrites-let me count the ways. Actually, just one example will do-
Liberals allow their emotions to be used to promote hatred against "The Rich and Powerful" who, it is assumed, must have made their bucks by exploiting the poor.
You know, like Joe Kennedy or Al Gore or...I'm sorry! Liberals are exempted from the "Hate the Rich" screed as they are somehow morally superior to everyone else. They can make Billlions and still be seated with Jimmy Carter at the Democratic Conventions.
Unless you Liberals (you know who you are) have taken a vow of poverty, and take no part in the United States are hypocrites for pointing fingers at those who also live, work and make money here. You may be jealous of those others who have succeeded in life, but that doesn't make them evil, it just is evidence that you are Lying Racist Liberal Hypocrites. Have a nice day!

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Doug said...

As a Christian, I am incapable of racism. Why, you ask?
Because I have brothers and sisters of all races and ethnicity. We are separated from the world-that is the distinction that God has made. So we are all family,are all connected, no matter differently we 'look' from each other.
How we look is superficial anyway-that's the sort of distinction/differentiation that racists make.