Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Going, Going...

So, y'know...Cancer stinks, right? Heart disease-rotten to the core. Diabetes-they've made inroads towards cures, but still...not good.
A few days ago marked the anniversary of the passing of one Marilyn Monroe. She would have been 87, but will forever be remembered as being 36 or timeless.
The grundoon at her feet lived to a much older age, but his time passed, too.
God makes us an offer we can't refuse. We are allotted some few years to walk on His planet, and then the dust.
At this moment in time I think I have more ailing folks in my life than healthy ones. I'm not doing so great myself; not from sickness but exhaustion which, if left unchecked, can open the door for the bad stuffs.
The dust will get us all, someday.
I feel bad that Marilyn had such an unhappy life, but that life ended when I was three, so all the bad feelings about her death or good feelings about her life are just so much vapor.
If you are going through some bad stuff, made uneasy by may the persuader God uses to get your
attention. Our milliseconds on earth are a bare fraction of eternity. May God Bless you today, and Bless you into forever.


Doug said...

Just last night I watched a movie I had loved as a kid, and now appreciate as an adult. As with most of my movies, a lot of the actors are now dead or getting scary old.
But as a parable, I very much liked
"The Seven Faces Of Dr Lao", which is just recently out on DVD.
I have just a couple movies with Marilyn Monroe acting in them, and she was beautiful.

James said...

"The dust will get us all, someday"

I'm always acutely aware of how fragile and short life is when I'm with people I love and care for.

In the back of your mind, you know that someday there will be a final and possibly painful goodbye (at least so long as this life is concerned).

Once this awareness seeps in, you start to treasure your time with them a bit more.

Doug said...

Same here, James-the difference for Christians is that we know that we will see some of our loved ones again. Can't say who, can't say how many, but I will be with family and friends.