Monday, August 19, 2013

Returned Random Thoughts Tuesday One Day Early

Hi howdy haven't done one of these in a while. Note picture above.
Okay, I'm better now. I'm being set free from one of my jobs, and will no longer do 70 plus
hours a week.
Even a knucklehead like me can get tired.
In church we are just finishing a Bible study on the book of Ecclesiastes where Solomon, the author inspired by God, details what life is like for both God's people and everyone else. The everyone else don't catch a break.
Yesterday on my first night free from the afternoon job I decided to experience a bit of Summer: photo graphy, dine out, sit in a park; I even made it to a rummage. 
Tonight I'm trying to put my house in order, or at least I WAS, until I sat down here.
Haven't really been paying attention to news but I feel relived rather than deprived.
Let me know when something happe

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