Saturday, April 05, 2014

Carole King Had The Right Of It


Seems that when no one was watching we launched into earthquake season. Now Oklahoma
(still OK!), last week California; out of town tryouts in Indiana next.
Any California resident can attest-tremblors tremble all the time. The big ones get the press, the little ones can't get a mention on local TV, not even the wacky news weekend segment.
One time I awoke to my bedroom gently rocking back and forth-my two cats jumped up on the bed scared out of their whiskers. Earthquake centered in lower California, reached Las Vegas. shrugs
One thing to remember-there is indeed reference to earthquakes in the Bible as happening in the last days.
But don't let anyone scare you up a stump as if what we are seeing now are the beginning of that.
No-you'll KNOW when those quakes start their business!
So, no fear, just caution. Remember the Boxing Day Tsunami on 2004 that wiped out 100,000 souls.
There will be big ones and small ones-just part of Creation. If you're on an ocean beach and the water recedes big time, time for a big time move out of there.
This post went a different direction-I was going to write about how God indeed answers prayers and
takes care of His children. More evidence of both happened today. More evidence tomorrow.
If I were to perish in an earthquake...I would just be in Heaven that much quicker. I'll stay here until
I get called up there, and then more Peace than we can possibly put into words will be my existence.
May God Bless you today.

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Doug said...

Amazingly, I once again have two cats,
codenamed Knucklehead and Tasha. If they want food I am their favorite person. Lucky for me, they are always hungry.
There will be cats in Heaven, as during the reign of Christ on earth "The lion will lay down with the lamb". Not sure about dogs-find out when we get there.