Monday, April 28, 2014

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Light-hearted VS Light-headed


I laughed hard when I saw this today. The joys of electricity and discovery!
Yup, a young teen, and it was a butter knife, just like the jr scientist above, but I did NOT stick the knife in an outlet---
I was using it to 'fix' an electric clock that was plugged in.
When I came to a few minutes later I was staring at the butter knife which had a big pitted burn
on the edge.
Fast forward 20 some years. I'm on top of a ten foot A-frame ladder replacing the ballast in an 8 foot fluorescent light fixture. Working hot was fine, as I was usually careful. To keep from getting shocked I would put a wire connector on the hot ends while switching out the ballast which weighed about 20 pounds. But I forgot...and as I was looking down the loose hot wires happened to graze both my ears at the exact same time. It was life a Chevy Chase or Ernest movie. The ladder thought it was an earthquake the way I was shaking around.Didn't fall, but I did get a good laugh out of it.
I know that the planet is rotating through some darkerish bad circumnavigations right now; this picture made me laugh, and that is enough for today.


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Life is good.