Saturday, April 26, 2014

With Sola Scriptura, A Little Heart, Please

I'll get to the post point in a moment, but first a mention about the recent posts I've made about Four Blood Moons and that Tom Horn guy with his Nimrod stuff-
I heard back from a friend who believes all of that stuff, and I could tell that she was hurt by my tone and comments in the letter I sent back with the materials I listened to and investigated.
Never my ambition to hurt someone's feelings, but if I can make this point without sounding like a heartless jerk, feelings and emotions do not change facts. We also aren't allowed to choose which 'facts' we accept. "Facts are stubborn things." John Adams.

My friend is Pentecostal, and Pentecostals are, sad to say, eager to open the doors to all kinds of errors because of sentimentality and emotions. Even stuff that goes against the Bible is swallowed whole if it comes from a Bible teacher they like.
I like some Bible teachers, and enjoy their works, but: I measure even my favorite teachers against Scripture to make sure that their teachings are solid.
I'm not the smartest guy in the room, except when alone, and my understanding of Scripture has evolved over the decades. As a newly hatched Christian I knew virtually nothing about God and understood little of what His Word revealed.
But that was long ago, and God has been working on me for quite awhile.
I recognize that my Pentecostal friend has also been a Christian for about as long, and yet she has an entirely different theology. God has also been working on her. 
I can't explain why there is such a disparity in our beliefs except to state that God is right, and we'll both find out in Heaven that the scraps of understanding we have here on earth are minimal compared to what we know then.
With all of that preamble, I'm going to cover today's actual post in just a few words:
This new movie, "Heaven Is For Real" based on the book of the same name is more emotional hogwash being put forth as a "Christian" film.
Which I state knowing that many soft-hearted Christians embrace that book and will probably make the film profitable.
Hogwash is too kind, but perhaps I should show some heart and simply state that the film, which purports to show a child who has visited Heaven and comes back to tell of it plays upon the emotions but friends, emotions can lie and cause us to accept lies. That's how we got our President.
Sola Scriptura. The Canon of Scripture is closed, and no matter how sensational a book or movie, no matter how the heartstrings are yanked by a cute kid having an amazing adventure...this is not of God, and it is not God expounding a New Revelation. If it is not Scripture IT. IS. FALSE.
Don't be suckered by what is false, but seek and hold only to what is TRUE.
Thus saith the heartless robot named Doug.

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Doug said...

My friend, as far as I know, has yet to visit here at FDW so I might print this one out and give it to her.
Not to be mean, not to hurt her feelings, but because I would love for her and all of my Pentecostal brethren and sistern to learn some discernment and start rooting error out of their theology.
One thing-I know Pentecostal theology from the inside, having been in those churches for years. I've been there, and I know more about Pentecostalism than 'they' understand about my theology.