Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Mind Me At The Moment

Touchtones. Touchstones are physical stones you touch, or can be metaphorical 'touchstones', events you recall which mark the when and wheres of your life.
'Touchtones' are different. Tones that touch you.
Right now I'm listening to Corrine Bailey Rae's album "The Sea" which is good, but a much different object d'art than her eponymous first album.
Why "The Sea" tonight?
I learned today that another of my friends has died.
Bailey Rae wrote this album after her husband passed away, and although she will never know who I am, I feel a kinship, making this is a touchtone for me.
What makes this one special: her first album was bright and sunny and full of joy, and this one is half happy and half sad. It isn't at all morose or dark, just quietly sad but peppered with some upbeat moments, as if even in grief she has hope and life. I get that.
I keep saying that I've attended enough funerals in the past few years, but that doesn't stop them from coming.
God has Grace to get us through everything in life.  He makes the rainy and the sunny days.
Right now there is enough tumult and juke moves going on in my life to cause an earthquake in Alaska-(just Doug attempting to be topical).
But the more life gets shaken and stirred, the more I appreciate the Grace that God gives to help us make it through.
Touchtones. Album is done-have a good night.

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