Friday, June 20, 2014

Following The Best Example Possible

More Grace. That's not quite enough for a blog post, so let me expand on that.
If you have been shown Grace by God concerning your foibles and shortcomings,
then that is what you should extend to your best friend and your worst enemy.
Grace doesn't mean that you ignore problems or allow bad situations to continue.
It means that when you reach out to help someone and they think that you are personally
attacking them, show more Grace and forgive, just as you have been forgiven by God for much worse.
A post a while back titled "I Don't Want Justice" is an example of what I'm talking about.
Sometimes each of us will have a nemesis, opposition, someone who, to quote my brother in law,
"Hates our guts and liver, too."
I have two such nemesis, and I don't ask God for justice regarding them, because I would rather see
them repent, be saved and one day be in Heaven.
They are living unhappy lives, and for some reason, they really, really don't like me or want me to
succeed at anything.
I ask for Grace. Because God has shown me that same Grace when I've been a stinker.
If someone considers me a nemesis, it isn't because I am axe-grinding or seeking them ill
or wish to cause any pain. I want Peace, and for them to be at Peace with me.
May God grant them more Grace, and may God bring Peace and healing into their lives.

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Doug said...

I am very much looking forward to Heaven where all of the sinful, weak and hurting parts of our existence will never be seen, ever again.
All of my faults and foibles will be gone, every part of Doug that others have found fault with will be burned away,and we will all be perfect, as in complete and fit for eternity.
The greatest gift of Salvation is to be in right communion with our God, but the sin left behind part is also a blessing.