Sunday, July 13, 2014

Apprehending the Unapprehendible

The sign said "Snipe Country" but I wasn't a Snipe-I was behind enemy lines- a deck hand
infiltrating the boundary set by the engineers who proudly called themselves "Snipes".
These dogs were NOT taking 'selfies'. They were interacting with their owner holding a camera.
So what what's is what, Doug?
Simply this: living by faith instead of sight, trusting God makes it possible for us to continue to sing Praises to God.
If we were to look at the world with godless eyes, judging everything we see and understand by our own limited understanding...this would be a horrible existence. Wars and hatred and killing and everyone failing.
In part, that is why the Liberals are always complaining about everything-as most of them do not believe in God, the world they see is ugly grim.
Those few of them who pretend to pay lip service to the idea of believing that God exists join the rest of their heedless herd in living as if God doesn't exist.
Anyone seeing the first picture would assume that the person in it was a Snipe. Wrong.
The dogs picture is funny. Why include it here?
Obviously, we know that dogs can't take pictures of themselves, but because it looks as if they are posing, it makes us laugh.
A picture...which we know isn't true...elicits an emotional response.
Those who would capture your emotions to hold you in bondage to their 'point of view' will use faked images to fool you.
Why does it work?
Because people who live by WHAT THEY SEE, trusting in their own limited understanding can be fooled by fakery. Especially if it elicits an emotional response. Images are powerful. Music is powerful. Our assumption that we are too smart to fall for a lie is powerful. It isn't about smarts-if your emotions are engaged, smarts and logic and reason don't enter into the equation.
Christians should be the ones living by faith. We have all kinds of warnings in Scripture to trust in God rather than ourselves. But we are human and we get fooled, too...on this side of Eternity.
Thank God that in Heaven we will live lives unimpeded by any dishonesty or lies, and our emotions will be engaged honestly to Worship God in spirit and in truth and in person.

May God richly Bless you today.

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Doug said...

Religious and other con men will engage your emotions because if they appeal to your mind, your logic...they couldn't get you to open your wallet or go along with their foolishness.
I don't trust ANYONE who relies on capturing someone's emotions rather than reasoning with them to win them over to their point of view.
Emotions lie. People lie.
With that said, there is nothing wrong with using an image to elicit an HONEST emotional response.
I use words and pictures to get my views across. Sometimes I manipulate images, not to fool someone but rather to make my point.
Have an exceptional.