Thursday, July 03, 2014

So, How Was Your Week?

No, I'm not claiming to have been struck by lightning. Singed a little by human nature, but I'll get by.
I had a friend who lived to tell his story. David was 6'5'', standing on a lakeshore, holding a long metal fishing pole over his head when he suddenly dropped to his knees. Lightning had traversed the pole, run through David and the only damage: the heel of his tennis shoe had a hole burned through.
This week hasn't quite risen to that level, but I will say this: there is no such thing as luck. Or karma.
God sets the number of our days, and David has (hopefully) many more ahead of him.
I also hope to  keep chugging along, living for God here until I live with God there. There are many
troubles/cataclysms/catastrophes on this side of the grave; for the Christian, absolutely NONE
on the other. Remembering that makes it a bit easier to carry on. Praise God for his loving-kindness. 

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