Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation In Lovely _________!


Don't know if you've been following the Outrage season, but their All Star Game
was held in Paris and London this week; sad to say, the host cities probably won't
invite them back for the foreseeable.
Amazingly, the consensus  for the 66th year in a row is: Israel BAD. As in, "How DARE Israel defend itself when under rocket attacks? How DARE Israel act like it has a right to exist!?!
News flash, Outrage enthusiasts: Israel exists.
Be a good Global neighbor and accept Reality instead of indulging in your fever dreams.
You'll be happier, and so will I.

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Doug said...

Never underestimate sociopathetic or histronic-psychotic behavior's ability to mess things up.
Israel is the offended party here, the one under attack which, in a logical world, would be at Peace with everyone.
Logic goes out the window when Hate shows up and starts it's schtick.
Solution? Easy:
The King of Peace returning and setting up His Kingdom with Jerusalem as His residence. Ruling the world with an iron rod.
Nothing short of that happening will "fix" the problems Mankind inflicts on itself.
Have a good week.