Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not Red Headed, But...

'Ginger' was born Virginia Katherine McMath 103 (or so) years ago in Missouri. Just noted on the TCM site that tomorrow is her birthday, which is reason enough to post about her again.
Some "Stars" in movies or related fields are all flash and image.
Ginger had the image, plenty of flash, but was also exceptionally skilled in various arts. Comedy, drama, dancing, singing...playing heroes and sometimes even a villain-Ginger was always eminently watchable. I've never seen her deliver a bad performance; she is one of the few professionals who always did more than expected, as if she were working at a higher level.
Happy birthday, Ginger!
Some of her best movies to seek out:
The Major and the Minor
Vivacious Lady
Having Wonderful Time
All of the Fred and Ginger musicals.

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Doug said...

Page composition-Ginger seems to be looking over at the picture of the two 'Little Princesses' from August 1968.
The Princess on the left has silver grey hair now; the other, amazingly, is still a red head. Rhymes with hint.