Sunday, August 17, 2014


This has been coming on for a time, and some few of my readers might have noted a change in FDW and FerDW posts in the past few. Time to state the state of the state.
I'm still here, remain in the same house, work the job, feed the cats...
I feel more alienated from the world, the mess and tumble of world events, I'm tired of emotionally dealing with the dire catastrophes which pop up as often as acne does on teenagers.
In part, my disassociation with current (D/C) events began a few years ago when I shut off my subscription to DirecTv.
Gone are the news channels and Breaking News(!) alerts and all that stuff.
I also used to listen to talk radio, rhymes with Cush Mimbaugh. Now? Nope.
When I watch TV shows, I pretty much only watch DVD season sets. I haven't followed
a 'new' show in years.
In both fictional worlds: TV series and news broadcasts, you can only watch the same events unfold so many times before it all blends together into ennuiac 'blah'.
I usually hang up on Republican election mopes who call to ask for my support. I care about my country, sure. I love my country. Warts (politicians) and all.
I feel disengaged from the 'political process' which is a term which can be used in polite company and in front of children.
Whether Republicans or Democrats "Win" the next or any's hard for me to care.
Ennuiac blah. (Don't bother looking that word up-minted here for right now. yay.)
When will I become engaged again? Hard to say. I am waiting for the return of Christ, when
He will rule the world with truth and grace. And make the nations prove the glories of His Righteousness.
In that day, Christ ruling the nations with a rod of iron, THEN I will happily engage in world events. And wonders of His love. And wonders of His love.


Doug said...

My main glimpse of 'News' comes from checking the Drudge Report every few days to see what is above the fold.

LGR said...

I haven't watched tv news in year, except by accident in airports, etc. But I do see plenty on my Facebook page. I also haven't followed a tv series in forever. :) Also, whatever I see by accident is what I see. God bless you, friend. I don't think we'll be waiting for Jesus too much longer.

Doug said...

Hello friend! As you can see, I've kept the light in the window and keep churning out web posts. I added a second page,
when Google seemed to lose Fine Dry Wit and I thought I would have to start over.
Hope that you are sitting down-it's been 10 years since FDW debuted after Michael decided to take down his weblog.
May god continue to Bless you, 'LGR'.