Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hardcore Fate Fans, Disunite!

I seem to be knocking into different ideas about God which seem more prevalent amongst the pagans and 'unchurched' folk.
One lady mentioned that she was not a 'religious person' so she was not a 'hardcore fate fan'.
Me too! BOTH!
Not religious (by my concept) and I regard 'fate' with the same disrespect as 'karma' or 'ghia'.
(sometimes I write things just to crack myself up. I'm an easy audience)
"Fate" is the wind blowing around circumstance, landing on events with no intellect or direction.
That, to me, is far scarier a concept than that of a God in charge of every molecule of existence.
If 'fate' is simply what happens, then life has no meaning, because any and all events happen without reason.
"Karma" (rhymes with pharma and dharma, but not Rosenkrantz) (if you get that reference regarding karma, you're GOOD!) is one step away from the abyss of Fate in that it calls for some of that good old 'lex talionis' or "an eye for an eye"-if you do something bad, then bad will return the disfavor-good for good, mean for mean, etc.
Recent conversation:
M: Yeah, well those girls who used to be my friends in grade school that turned their backs on me in high school-at the reunion karma kicked in, and those ________ got fat. I'm a big believer in karma!"
Doug: But, M...if you believe in karma, won't what you just said bring down the curse of karma on you?
M: Oh, but I'm a good person.
Though he may be a nice guy, someone recently ran this old canard up the flagpole (DUCK!):
  "I imagine this is how a lot of religion works—with the inconsistent and poorly translated ancient texts being forcibly reconciled by divinity scholars determined to make it all make consistent sense."
By 'a lot of religion' I'm going to go out on a karmic limb (DUCK!) and suggest that he is talking about Christianity. I doubt if he spends much time scratching his head over the textual imperfections in the Koran or the Vedic Sanscrit.
Knocking that duck off the flagpole (CANARD!) his statement presumes and assumes an imperfect God incapable of keeping corrupted man from corrupting His Scriptures.
Internal evidence is that corrupted man without the Holy Spirit cannot make sense of God's Word:
"14But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised." 1 Cor 2:14
No, 'divinity scholars' don't rumple, cut and form Scripture to make it make sense.
At least the true Scholars don't-God's Word makes sense because God makes sense. He can work through any medium, including imperfect textual translations of perfect original language documents to get His point across to imperfect Man. 
He opens the eyes and ears of all those to whom the message is addressed so that they can 'get it'. 
May God open your eyes to His truth.

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