Sunday, August 03, 2014

"It Doesn't Say: "Blessed Are The Peacefakers"

Peacefakers abound in the midst of this stinky rotten uncivilization.
Muslims seek all to be at peace with them...through the process of submitting to Islam and yes, they are willing to kill you to bring about Peace.
They are Peacefakers.
The acknowledged 'Doves' of our political process, the Democratic party, are all about Peace.
They agitate against War and generally feel superior to those misled and ignorant 'Hawks'
who seem kind of...bad . Evil. Warm ongers.
But I see Democrats as Peacefakers because they may preach "Peace" but continue to protect and defend (!) Abortion, which is a 'silent holocaust' decimating millions of human lives. 
"Oh, but you see, Doug, legally those fetus are not human, so there!"
So, who ARE the the true PeaceMakers? The verse answers the question:
"9“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."
The Peacemakers are those promoting Peace with God, sharing the Gospel, letting people
know that they can be at Peace with the King of Peace.
No one need shake their fist at God forever. Peace is possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ Who came that we may be restored to a right Peaceful relationship with God.
We sons and daughters of God beg you to surrender to God as we have, because we want ALL to enjoy the Peace which passes all understanding which we have through Christ.
Unlike Islam, we won't kill you to win the Peace.  We already have won by surrendering to God. Our war is over.
Seek God and know His Peace.

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Doug said...

Love is all you need.
The Love of God, expressed through Jesus Christ coming and dying in your place, rising again so that we might have Salvation and Peace with God.
Peace in, man.