Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sinecure For The Cure (Of Whatever)

You don't know these ladies, but you know these ladies, the 'faces' of their respective
global conglomerates.
Flo has the longevity and name recognition, but her 'work' as a kind of grocery scanner...for insurance...is no more real than she is.
The other ladies seem to work at actual jobs, and the AT&T spokesperson has recently been upgraded (unlike AT&T) with a name-now we know her as Lily.
So, why the post? What is the deal?
Everyman. The actors were chosen to be relate-able to everyone. Cute, but not supermodel gorgeous. Friendly and charming, witty-always ready with the perfect bon mot right before the jingle and flashing graphics. My, what great writers they have!
I'm kind of sensitive, keeping an eye out for how advertisers and politicos and others study US to learn better how to manipulate We The People (consumers).
I don't like having my feelings manipulated so as to make me more willing to buy something.
These ladies may be fine folks in real life, but their charms fade when you consider that their entire schtick is "SELL MORE STUFF!"
Their real life counterparts-receptionists, store sales assistants-may barely make minimum wage.
 The received wisdom of "you catch more flies with sugar" explains why advertisements are
full of sweet, happy people. Sugar sells.
Just be on guard against anyone trying to manipulate your emotions. Don't let them use you.
You might say, "Hold on, Doug! You keep mentioning how great it is to be a Christian. Happy all the time. Aren't YOU trying to manipulate MY emotions?"
Not really. I'd rather that you use your mind, logic and reason and seek God.
Also, although the Christian life is one of Peace and Happiness...there are a lot of  trials and tears and bad situations this side of Heaven. No eternal Joyfest with everything wonderful
(again, I mean down here, right now). There is a Rose Garden, but the thorns tear us up.
Right now, I and those in my group are going through a tough time. We're getting thorned, and it doesn't feel good.
But God is Good, and, once more, Viskas bus Gerai.

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Doug said...

Oh yes, the title-sometimes they only make sense if you can see inside my head.
Sinecure for the cure (or whatever)-
Not just attractive spokespeople are used to manipulate us, wording is very important. "_____ For The Cure", whatever cure THEY are promoting, is catchy and positive and memorable.
Sinecure...if unfamiliar, feel free to look it up-it explains the post about three spokespersons who are the 'faces' of their companies.
Also (I shamefully admit) it rhymed with 'For the cure'.