Sunday, May 03, 2015

Infantilization Of America

Sure, sure-babies and kids are cute.
They are also emotional tyros who don't understand why what where when or how the world works. All they know is that they NEED THAT COOKIE!!!!!!
Or that their diaper rash is acting up again.
Or a tooth coming in is a world of pain.
They know nothing of responsibility or consequences of actions.
Good parenting teaches both.
But where kids are raised without good parenting...sometimes those lessons go unlearned.
And all of a sudden...teenagers.
And then young adults old enough to vote who have no concept of responsibility or consequence of actions.
Nothing is ever their fault.
They will live forever.
And if it's a terrible world, someone else ruined it.
Is it any wonder that kids flock to the Democratic party?
Conservatives and some few Republicans blather on about personal accountability and individual effort.
All Democrats need do is point at Conservatives and pronounce them Evil.
Which political party benefits from the infantilazation of America?
Second question: Which political party better serves the needs of America?
Have a fun election, USA.


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Doug said...

Sure, I'm qualified to judge parenting, as I have never raised a child. You should hear my advice to married couples.