Saturday, May 23, 2015

Isis Bad

Been listening to an interview with a Pastor, formerly a Muslim, who shared insights about Islam with R.C Sproul on his program, "Renewing Your Mind".
The long and the short of it: when a Christian commits acts of violence, he or she is going against the clear teachings of Christ found in the Bible.
When a Muslim commits acts of violence, his or her actions are in agreement with the Koran, are in line with the teachings of Mohammed.
This has been a season of innocent blood being spilled by Islamist terrorists across the world. More to come.
Liberals find themselves nodding along in agreement with Muslims who trumpet that the Christian Bible is corrupted, the Christian God is not Allah, and that Christians serve a false Messiah in ignorance.
Of course, Islam also teaches that abortion is wrong, so I'm conflicted.
What happens when we die?
If Muslims are correct, all non-Mulims are in hell. And many billions of Muslims will join them there if their bad deeds out-weigh their good deeds on a scale. No grace. No hope.
An Islamist can win a 'stay out of hell for free' ticket, the gates of Paradise WILL open to those who happen to be killed while fighting for Islam, destroying the enemies of Allah.
Christians? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, ask Him for forgiveness. All your sin and bad deeds, if placed on a scale opposite the Sacrifice of Christ on your behalf...will be as light and intangible as sunbeams, less than sunbeams. Because where sin did abound, Grace did all the more abound. When Christ said, "I have overcome the world." that included all of the world, through all time, including our present troubled age.
A thought that you may not want to consider:
If I, Doug, were to be killed, whether by a terrorist or accident or through trying to win a hot dog eating contest....I go to Heaven.
If YOU die...

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Doug said...

The picture is from a deleted ending of "Double Indemnity", with Fred MacMurray about to be strapped into the gas chamber.
I am fully aware that the 'hum a few bars' thing makes no sense.