Saturday, May 02, 2015


I feel that I should explain myself a bit, to the world @ large and certain possibly mystified persons.
I wrote something recently which might have come across as more harsh than intended.
Here's the cutline-I have respect for most people, greater respect for those who are being battered about by circumstance such as illness. I KNOW that it is tough to have Cancer, for example. Tough and harsh and brutal.
I've been to enough funerals in the past couple of years to fill my quota for a lifetime.
Here's what I need to explain, the part that might seem harsh:
I respect people too greatly to treat them any differently because they have an illness.
I won't treat them as 'delicate objects' but rather just as I did before illness came into their lives. As my fellow human beings.
We lost another of our church family to Cancer this past week.
I apologize if I have seemed callous. But to me, it seems right. 

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Doug said...

I'll write funner soonish. Many positives abound these days, and it is a wonderful time to exist.