Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not All Who Win

Hitler 'won' the right to commit cowardly suicide as his Reich failed.
Sorry, Mein Unhappy Kampfer, but you were not a winner.
President Obama has won two elections. A few decades from now we may know how History remembers him. To me, he is not a winner.
Trump. Loser, even if he wins the Presidency.
Winners? Millions, maybe billions of them-Life's Winners accept Christ, are accepted by Christ.
Live Forever at Peace with God and your fellow Mankind, which will be very kind, indeed.

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Doug said...

Here, I'll put in Star wars terms:
old Ben Kenobi won by dying. That's like us Christians.
Stinky Darth Maul went halfsies falling into a bottomless pit.
That's everyone else.
Be a winner.