Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Happy TARGET Purchase Experience/Day

Curiosity guided me up to the local TARGET store today, to see what was if or up.
I often pass by that store on a Saturday, and usually the parking lot is packed solid.
It wasn't full today, but there were still a lot of cars there.
I went in and was surprised-no UNISEX bathrooms, same gender signs above each as always.
I bought $30.00 worth of stuff, because guess what? I needed it, and
I don't like the idea of "BOYCOTTING" a business. I didn't like it a few years ago when
Chik Fil A and Hobby Lobby were the Liberal
I also don't like being TOLD that as a good Christian I should never vote for a godless
candidate like Trump.
I will vote.
And I will buy whatever. Wherever. Whenever.
I enjoyed a great day, capped by walking down to a park and watching a lake, a Great one.
By Grace, God sends rain down on the just and the unjust.
Today He sent a beautiful day.

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Doug said...

avoid hubris.